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    I love Suzanne Stryker's paintings, both     
    the earlier earth-based landscapes, and    
    the even more mystic spaces which she is
    exploring recently, invoking some of my
    favorite artists. I imagine her as an Odilon
    Redon of the Vedic realms, a Georgia
    O'Keefe of Vedic botany, except she is  
    going places neither had the nervous
    system, or experience to explore up       
    close, but could only evoke in a more  
    general way from a distance.

    It is remarkable what Stryker is able to     
    draw out from hidden realms, with her bold    
    and centered eyes, her joyful heart. It is as   
    if she is shining light into a world that    
    shines right back at us, talks right back at  
    us, except we rarely see it, rarely visit it,
    know little about it. This light creates the  
    very thing it reveals. And what is to be
    revealed is teaching you to come to it --
    by artistic impulse, by leaps of faith and
    insecurity, by delicate strokes and      
    courage like the lamp at the door that     
    does not flicker. Ever abiding in the Self,       
    it seems she has undertaken a new    
    journey into the Self.

    Stryker mentioned that an artist once
    suggested she avoid making pretty art.    
    This may be general good advise,    
    however, she cannot escape the inherent
    beauty of her vision, wherever she directs   
    it. What I like in this redirect away from
    "pretty" is the fact her recent pieces are
    more raw, perhaps, a bit unfinished, off-
    center, off-balance, shedding safety net,
    mastery, and control, edging artist and
    viewer closer to danger, delivering both         
    to the only true safe place in the universe.
    And, yes, still gorgeous through and
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Suzanne B. Stryker
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