Intuitive Painting

Suzanne usually prefers to paint in a spontaneous
and intuitive manner.   Often, she takes a blank
canvas and just starts painting.  While that can be
more challenging than working from a carefully
thought out drawing, she finds it rewarding and
insightful.  She says: "Unexpected and beautiful
things happen that I just couldn't have planned.  I find
it exhilarating to let the creative forces of the
universe, of God,  flow through me.  I like to explore
new horizons and experiment.  For me, painting is a
wonderful exercise in trust, intuition, surrender, and
Self discovery.  Daily  yoga and meditation provide
the foundation from which I create."

Conversant in a variety of styles and mediums to suit
her commissioned projects, Suzanne usually paints
with oils or acrylics.  In order to produce luminous
colors, she often uses time consuming glazing
techniques, painting numerous thin layers of
transparent paint.
Project Help: Offering a Hand Instead of
Project Help: Offering a Hand Instead of