Mysterious Man on Motorcycle takes Painting

A gang of five men on motorcycles pulled up to
Second Street Coffee House & Gallery in Fairfield,
Iowa, and went inside.  One of the men kept staring at
an abstract painting in Suzanne B. Stryker's exhibit.
He asked the morning manager, Lauri Stokes, "Do
you have any bubble wrap?  I want that painting."  
Lauri suggested that he try the post office.

The man said, "I don't have time, my friends are
waiting for me."  He disappeared and returned a few
minutes later triumphantly waving bubble wrap.  Lauri
helped him secure the bubble wrap around the gold
leaf frame with packing tape  before he stuffed it into
his backpack.

When Lauri baulked at the man's Canadian check for
payment, one of his buddies slapped several hundred
dollar bills  into her hand.  The five men mounted their
motorcycles and took off.

Suzanne asked Lauri if she got the name of the man
who bought her painting.   "All I know is that he was
returning to Canada, in his forties, and was good
Project Help: Offering a Hand Instead of
Project Help: Offering a Hand Instead of