Project Help

What do a lawyer, a minister, an astrologer, and a psychologist have in common with a hair stylist, a musician, a
career counselor and an artist? They are among the seventeen volunteers for Project Help.  

Project Help was formed to help rehabilitate the thief that stole artwork and then eventually returned it. The
volunteers have come forward to support the plunderer’s positive direction by offering their services to the thief
for free

The volunteers are offering
  • Legal advice
  • Debt resolution: new beginnings, improve financial situation
  • Therapy: treatment of anxiety, depression, and serious mental illness
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Life coaching: discover purpose in life and assistance in fulfilling
  • Astrology: understand strengths, transform weaknesses
  • Resume assistance, job interview preparation: hair cut and styling
  • Job placement
  • Coaching: personal success and business
  • Mentoring in the arts: painting, writing, singing, piano, music theory and the performing arts
  • Mothering and nourishing: motherly advice with a sense of humor
  • Organic homemade meal

The help will be coordinated through the artist of the stolen painting, Suzanne B. Stryker. In interviews with the media,
she made it clear that she would drop the charges if the artwork was returned. Per her request, the Fairfield Police
Department has provided documentation that the case of the stolen painting has been closed and will never be
reopened. The robber can never be charged for the theft.

Stryker has a message for the thief:
“Thank you for returning the painting. I want to know if you need help in any way. I feel flattered by your borrowing the
painting and charmed by your returning it. I want to help you, but I am just a simple artist.
I can teach you how to paint a
painting like the one you took, but maybe that’s not what you need, so we have a group of professionals who are have
a variety of skills that they are offering you. They will sign a confidentiality agreement so that you can be assured of
privacy. You can communicate with me whenever and however you feel comfortable and let us know how we can
assist you. Below is a web form that you can use for your convenience. No one needs to know your identity.”

Stryker said, “Rehabilitate Rather than Incarcerate is our theme. Even if the thief doesn't come forward, we hope that
this project will create goodwill and inspire others to lend a helping hand to those in need. If we can prevent even one
person from leading a life of crime and going to prison, that would be worth our while.“

  • It costs about $25,000 per person per year to be in prison.  
  • Federal, state and local governments are spending a combined $68 billion dollars a year on a prison system
    that often lacks in rehabilitating the criminals.
  • Two out of   every three criminals are back in prison within three years.
  • The U.S. has locked up more people than any other country: a half million more than China, which has a
    population five times greater than the U.S.
  • The U.S. holds 25% of the world's prison population, but only 5% of the world's people.
  • In 1972 the prison population was less than 300,000. In 1990 it was one million and then doubled to 2 million
    by the year 2000.
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Suzanne B. Stryker Art and News

The thief can use the form below to let us know what help he/she needs.   
The form can also be used for comments, feedback, and other volunteers to sign up to help