Free Monthly Global Group Healing Sessions
1 to 130 pm  U.S. Central Time
Time converter if you live outside the U.S.

Everyone is invited to join a Free Global Group Healing Session every four weeks, wherever you are.

You are also invited to enjoy a private session
by phone or in person
Disclaimer:Testimonials whether written, verbal or any other form appearing on websites, e-mail or any where else from or related to Reveal Wisdom and Global Group Heal do not constitute a warranty,
guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome for any particular issue of a person. No claims are made, expressed or implied.
From 1 to 130 pm U.S. Central Time healers turn on their healing powers for thirty
minutes. Join in for some or all of it, as you like.

Wherever you are, get comfortable, sit or lie down and bask in the glory of global
love and bliss.

This is not a conference call or webinar. We are not connected by phone or internet.

No advertising is being done so please let your friends know about these Free Monthly Global Group
Healing Sessions. The more the merrier, the greater the healing power. Everyone is welcome
regardless of their beliefs or traditions. Let’s heal ourselves, each other, and spread harmony and
peace throughout creation.

    Experiences from Fairfield session:
  • My elbow was in a sling before I came to the Fairfield session. I had been nursing it for days.   
    My elbow stopped hurting all afternoon and still is pain free!!! - Judith Hans-Price

  • "Beyond phenomenal, uplifting my heart to great, great levels of joy and radiant love that    
    carried throughout my day ... reminded of my divine purpose ... transmuting several obstacles,
    leading me back to my truest Self in love."  more  - Garrett Barnes

  • "Wow! The healing session was so deep, powerful, sweet and loving. Since then, I have felt     
    like a new person, more empowered to accomplish, give and love. I want everyone to know  
    about these sessions, they are very healing."  - Sarah Roberts

  • "Suzanne was Sublime! It was like taking a higher vibration bath of boundless bliss, all that
    remained was the hum of  the absolute. I released some significant karmic puzzle blocks that   
    I'd been trying to solve for ages. Other than that, can I have some more?" - Manoj

  • "I found the session to be very validating and empowering. The affirmation that I can still
    experience bliss with arthritis in my knees was perfect! I have been feeling more confident   
    about moving forward in a new direction."   - Kim LaVoie

  • "As soon as Suzanne started speaking, I felt love fill me and the entire room from her words.  
    And her loving embrace and soft words filled me with more love, dissipating my pessimism and
    cynicism that I have been feeling lately which is unusual because I’m optimistic about almost
    everything. She gave exactly what I needed. I’m feeling transformed. Thank you!"  - Rich Sims

  • "I found the session surprisingly powerful, and later that day found that it had also helped a
    personal physical problem I had been fretting over for months." - Steve G.

Imagine the power of a healing session with hundreds of
thousands of highly evolved individuals and healers
from around the globe.

Powerful people in Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, U.K., Finland,
Norway, U.S., Canada and other countries joining us at exactly the same time
magnify the results.
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