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    Karma is the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, that governs all life. As you sow, so shall you reap. Everything we do
    and feel affects everything else to some degree. Our feelings, thoughts, words and actions are like pebbles thrown into a pond - their effects
    ripple throughout creation. The result is usually an accumulation of good and bad karma, even with the best intentions.

    Bad karma manifests as all kinds of problems in our life, such as challenges in the areas of physical and mental health, relationships, career
    and prosperity. We all know wonderful people who lead good lives and try everything to remedy their situation, to no avail. The underlying
    cause is usually bad karma we have accrued from this life or previous life times. We are also influenced by the karma of our family and our
    ancestors. Ancient scriptures from various traditions talk about how karma is passed down from one generation to another, on and on. Karma
    is extremely complex!
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    Karmic Transformations magnify good karma and transform negative karma in a positive direction. This is a wonderful gift to give yourself
    and your loved ones, living or deceased. It is also useful for transforming enemies. As a gift for others, the benefits will be there even if you
    do not inform them of the gift.

    What to Expect
    Karmic Transformations are helpful and supportive, but please do not expect to win the lottery, lose 100 pounds and have all your challenges
    resolved overnight. Not only do we have to deal with our personal storehouse of karma we have amassed from numerous lifetimes, but we
    also have ancestral karma. On top of our past karmic load and ancestral karma, we create new karma in the present. Transformations are an
    invaluable tool to deal with the immense amount of past and ancestral karma. In addition, they address the new karma that we create with our
    thoughts, feelings and actions.

    Transformations do not take any of your time, but for maximum benefit it is advisable to go to bed early and lead a healthy lifestyle.
    Transformations are done from the level of pure consciousness which is omnipresent, so you are not connected by phone or internet.
    Transformations are not a reading and do not include insights about you or your karma, past, present or future. Insights can be covered in
    a Private Session.

    Weekly and Monthly Program
    You decide how quickly and how much you want to transform your life. Transformations are done at varying times during the day and night        
    for maximum effect, therefore you cannot be informed of the specific times.

  • Weekly - 3 Transformations per week. Weekly Transformations are great for timely or urgent matters. They are also perfect for       
    special occasions, new beginnings, weddings and birthdays. Weekly Transformations start on Monday. For example, if you place your
    order on Thursday, your Transformations begin on Monday.

  • Monthly - choose from 8, 12, 16 or 20 Transformations per month. They provide benefits throughout the month for maximum       
    protection and enhancement. Monthly Transformations start on the first day of the month. For example, if you place your order on          
    July 15, your Transformations begin on August 1. If you want Transformations before the first day of the month, you can order           
    Weekly Transformations to fill the gap.
    Maintain clarity for greater intuition and right choices. Most people find a good routine, being well rested, good food, and exercise
    contribute to greater balance in life. You are unique, so be aware of what works for you. We all know leading a healthy lifestyle is good,
    however, if you are like most people, you find it difficult to discipline yourself consistently. You know if you are staying up too late, having too
    much screen time, overworking, not exercising enough, or consuming the wrong things or too much. To keep on track, you may find it helps
    to have a buddy or two you report to on a daily or weekly basis. Your insurance may cover counseling for addictive behavior. Your church or
    community may have free programs. If you still need assistance with transforming your habits or increasing intuition, do a Private Session.

    Reduce the stress in your life for better physical and mental health. Transcendental Meditation* is well documented in these areas.

    Charity increases good karma. Charity could be giving of your resources, time, knowledge, expertise, love ... Help others and you are
    rewarded – in this lifetime and future lives. Even if you are too busy to help others, at least treat them well.

“My daughter went from being suicidal to discovering her life’s purpose!” -Father

"The only thing I’ve done different for my Leukemia is regular sessions from
Suzanne. Over the months, my test results gradually improved. Yesterday,
my doctor said tests show I no longer have Leukemia!” -Lynda

"I feel safe and protected." -Barbara

"The doctors were very surprised how
quickly mother's kidneys recovered for
a 95-year-old. Her nausea is gone, she's
eating normally and walking well with her
walker. She even beat me at Scrabble!"
-June Oliver

"I've gotten my life back into control, with
more clarity and discipline." -Anita Woods
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