"The operation was a complete success with no negative occurrences or outcomes in
    any way. Before the surgery the doctors said from what they could diagnosis through
    the cat scans, ultra sounds, etc., that it could be a very risky and complicated surgery.  
    And that it may even take multiple surgeries over the next few months.  After surgery,
    the surgeon said he was very happily surprised things were not as bad as they
    thought, they were able to do everything at once, and that she will recover fully with
    no permanent damage or disabilities.  Though he is one of the most talented surgeon
    in all of Canada he said that it was one of the most difficult surgeries he had seen,
    and that she was very lucky.

    "We all know were that 'luck' came from! It was created by the power of your love,
    your kindness, your consciousness, all magnifying her innate strength and sattva
    (purity!  Your loving attention and intention from that universal level of consciousness
    were there is no time or space and we, all connected, gave her the extra strength,
    courage and healing power she needed. You have to take so very very much of the
    credit for this wonderful, positive and blissful outcome."