Reveal Wisdom

Suzanne B. Stryker

  • Since 1972, Suzanne B. Stryker has been
    the subject of numerous scientific studies.

  • Her brain waves during meditation show      
    unusual and high degrees of various types
    of coherence. Researchers were surprised
    to see even higher coherence with her eyes
    open and when doing healings.

  • Her brain waves during sleep were hailed  
    as the "EEG of Unity" and published in
    Sleep, the premier journal about sleep.

  • Auditory tests showed she detected    
    sounds 1/80 fainter than normal.

  • Suzanne is included in research published
    in Dr. Farwell's book How Consciousness
    Commands Matter: The New Scientific
    Revolution and the Evidence that      
    Anything Is Possible. It shows the direct    
    effect of  human consciousness on matter
    at the quantum-mechanical level, pre-
    viously thought to be impossible.
Research on Founder of
Reveal Wisdom

  • At age nine, Suzanne's intuition saved her
    life and she had her first experience of
    healing others.

  • When sixteen, her first clairvoyant and
    clairaudient experience was verified.*

  • Since age eighteen, she has regularly
    experienced unbounded transcendental
    pure awareness during sleeping, dream,
    and waking states of consciousness.

  • For over forty years she has experienced
    Divine and Vedic (pure knowledge)
    perceptions and insights from the level       
    of oneness, unity with all.*

  • Since 1971 she has twice daily practiced  
    meditation and yoga.

  • For eleven years she did six and a half
    hours daily of advanced meditation
    practices, often with hundreds and
    sometimes up to 1800 advanced
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