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About the founder
Suzanne B. Stryker

    "The only thing I’ve done different for my Leukemia is
    regular treatments from Suzanne. Over the months,
    my test results gradually improved. Yesterday, my
    doctor said tests show I no  longer have Leukemia!”

    "The operation was a complete success, most
    difficult surgeries, very lucky, gave her the extra
    strength, courage and healing power she needed ..."

    "I felt more calm and collected, more quiet and inner
    light, sattva, connected with myself and grounded in
    my truth and strength. It feels blissful to be around
    Suzanne, like rounding or attending a yagya (sacred
    ceremony for evolution)." -Ranjini Sarah Lassnig

    "Zap! Whatever Suzanne did, something big is going
    on, lots of happiness, even work was phenomenally
    fun. Something verrrrrrrrrrrrry good is happening."
    more -Donald Sosin

    "What Suzanne said was extremely helpful.  Everything
    she said about me was the perfect thing. Everything
    rang true - just the right thing at the right time." -C. S.

    "BINGO! How did you know precisely what I needed?"  
    -Kelly Wynn

    "I came to Suzanne  at a time when I was feeling really
    low. When the session was done I felt on top of the
    world, like a big weight was lifted.I gained clarity in an
    area where I had been stuck. Since then everyone says
    how big a smile I have on my face and how delightful I
    feel. Suzanne made me feel very comfortable and at
    ease." -Betty Wagner

    "Suzanne's insights were very accurate." -Karen Hall

    "I felt like Suzanne has truly seen the real me, which
    feeds my confidence in my hopes and dreams. I also
    felt the breaking open of resistance to intimacy: loving
    and being loved." -Sallie Morgan

    "It was everything I needed! I went from feeling 100%
    great to 1000% great!" -Jonathan Rivera

    "Can't stop thinking about what Suzanne said and how
    good that made me feel. I think she's doing a great
    thing!" -Ned Hargrove

    "Your suggestions were very practical and easy to
    apply. I really enjoyed our session and felt it helpful in
    a big picture way." -Sonya Williams

  • Since 1972, Suzanne B. Stryker has been
    the subject of numerous scientific studies.

  • Her brain waves during meditation show      
    unusual and high degrees of various types
    of coherence. Researchers were surprised
    to see even higher coherence with her eyes
    open and when doing healings.

  • Her brain waves during sleep were hailed  
    as the "EEG of Unity" and published in
    Sleep, the premier journal about sleep.

  • Auditory tests showed she detected    
    sounds 1/80 fainter than normal.

  • Suzanne is included in research published
    in Dr. Farwell's book How Consciousness
    Commands Matter: The New Scientific
    Revolution and the Evidence that      
    Anything Is Possible. It shows the direct    
    effect of  human consciousness on matter
    at the quantum-mechanical level, pre-
    viously thought to be impossible.
Research on Founder of
Reveal Wisdom

  • At age nine, Suzanne's intuition saved her
    life and she had her first experience of
    healing others.

  • When sixteen, her first clairvoyant and
    clairaudient experience was verified.*

  • Since age eighteen, she has regularly
    experienced unbounded transcendental
    pure awareness during sleeping, dream,
    and waking states of consciousness.

  • For over forty years she has experienced
    Divine and Vedic (pure knowledge)
    perceptions and insights from the level       
    of oneness, unity with all.*

  • Since 1971 she has twice daily practiced  
    meditation and yoga.

  • For eleven years she did six and a half
    hours daily of advanced meditation
    practices, often with hundreds and
    sometimes up to 1800 advanced
"Wow! My dizziness stopped and did not come
back! And I had a deep restful sleep with no pain. I
am impressed with Suzanne's wisdom and
-Horst Brokowski

"My life hasn't been the same since.  I feel as
though I have gone from prison into freedom.  I
wanted this for so long.  Can't believe it is

"Suzanne was right on the button about me."           
Judith Hans-Price

“Seeing Suzanne was like experiencing wisdom
and healing in  motion. I felt brighter and
lighter.”     -

“I am facing a scary change in my life and feel
grateful Suzanne  saw what was going on. After a
few minutes with her, I felt increased energy while
also feeling more relaxed and clear   about  my
future.” -

"Thank you for everything. The best part of was
that you verified my own convictions about me,
her, and the other two problems. This gave me
more confidence still. I was also energized
afterward." -
E. B.

    "Deep gratitude goes the long-line of
    teachers, spiritual beings, loving and
    charitable souls. They have purified
    and raised world consciousness so
    wisdom is more accessible. Because
    we stand on their shoulders we can
    see farther."

    -Suzanne B. Stryker

    "Suzanne is having a positive
    influence on others and their
    experiences. Suzanne will cognize
    the missing roots of the Age of
    Enlightenment. She should write a
    book of her experiences. It should
    be for the whole world."

    - -1976 Great Seer
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