Poetic Experience from Caterina Bacal Titus

    Moon Musings....

    "Unhinge the door, open the pastures, seek the horizon that is yet to be sought.
    Be the wind, because the breeze in your hair, and the freshness of your being,
    longs to be set free. The cocoon of the nest is the source of the butterfly - the
    warmth always exists.

    "Create, write, paint, and sing - show the master that you are the copy. Demonstrate
    to the king the reflection of servant, and prostrate to none other than yourself. Red
    velvet or not, your crimson lips are yours alone - you are the master of this destiny.
    Tell the story you wish to be told, and be the difference in an indifferent world.

    "Nothing replaces the essence of a wing so strong, that the silken threads interwoven
    are a fiber of steel. This lightness carries it onto a current that simply glides into the
    unknown. The silky glide is invincible. Unlock the key, remove the steel bolts, fly like
    the wind, and swim the ocean floor - see the sea for the seasons are mine, the spring
    is yours, and the winter will not die.

    "Summer is upon us - the warmth is here. Growth is beyond the budding of spring.
    Here is the time to bask in moment - the rippling tide. Swim in it, love it, be it. The
    unknown is yours, but the lightness is ours. In the unknowingness everything is