Testimonial from Garrett Barnes:

    "The group healing session was beyond phenomenal in my experience, uplifting my
    heart to great great levels of joy and radiant love that carried throughout my day.
    Almost instantaneously upon arriving, I was reminded of my own healing gifts and
    innate inner bliss and of my divine purpose here on earth. Upon beginning, I very
    easily sunk back into that deep ocean of love, allowing me to fully re-cognize the
    true nature of human existence: Divine radiant beings created in and for and of love
    it self, expressing the full potential of Brahm. Immediately after the session and well
    throughout the afternoon, I felt nearly overwhelmed with such abundant bubbling
    bliss. I felt stronger and lighter and as if I could just hop into the sky!

    "Suzanne is a true alchemist, transmuting several obstacles, that had been seeming
    to cover my awareness from my Self and the full radiance of love, and dissolving
    them into That which they were shadowing! Funnily enough, for the past few weeks
    my intuition and feelings have been leading me to learn just this sort of alchemy,
    perhaps not exactly the same as her own gifts and practice, but definitely the same
    concept. I strongly feel that my dharma on earth will be to aid the transmutation of
    humanities suffering into bliss and enlightenment. Thank you, Suzanne, for being
    an inspiration and guide, leading me back to my truest Self in love, and thank you
    for such a wonder-full and divine alchemist healer for the world and cosmos!"