Testimonials from  Judith Hans-Price

    During Reveal Wisdom Session
    "I felt regenerative love and warmth in areas of my body that really needed it. Immediately my
    chest and then all the way down to my toes seemed to light up and become alive. I felt love and
    encouragement from Suzanne. Afterwards I felt empowered and more whole as if I embraced
    myself for the first time.

    "In the next session: I float and expand and release myself into the love energies Suzanne
    describes. With their motherly love, I fall, as if I am falling backwards-like. But I  know I will be
    found. Something pushes me overboard but I know I will land okay even though there is no
    landing edge. Judy is without edges falling into Judy.  Its like dizziness without fear, I roll in
    consciousness, roll onto ripe full meadows of soft fur, buoyant and fresh. I let go and I open
    and widen. It feels as if its all for me and it feels good.

    "Now I feel new freedom to honor myself. I feel brave enough to explore new possibilities in life."

    During Remote Reveal Wisdom Session
    "First, I felt the strain in my thinking and  forehead area relax and blur…a calming swimmy floaty
    feeling and I knew Suzanne was there. Then I felt her in my right ankle with some twinges of
    warmth (lots of pain there lately for me).  I felt  twinges, throbbing or pulsing in other areas of
    my body that really needed attention. She has given me a rope to climb out of the mire I have
    been stuck in since childhood.  I am blessed to have spoken to her this morning. I am newly
    focusing on me."