Reveal Wisdom
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  • "Because of advanced Parkinson's
    disease, my muscles are rigid, tight    
    and often painful. During the seminar
    with Suzanne, I had no pain in my
    muscles and felt suffused with    

  • "Since the seminar, my sleep has been
    more comfortable, my speech louder
    and clearer, and my walking more
    stable. My heart and third eye chakras   
    has been open and the healing energy
    between my wife and I has become
    more powerful and subtle." -BB.

  • "After the seminar, a relative called me.
    This relationship has been painful for
    me due to controlling, sometimes
    abusive behavior. However, to my   
    great relief and delight, my relative
    volunteered his intent to change his
    behavior. This was amazing."
    "Furthermore, I became aware of how   
    to improve my own routine and feel the
    inner strength and commitment   to
    follow through with my new intentions."   -

  • "I feel a distinct shift in my focus of
    healing energy - like it is going to the
    right place now." -L.H.

  • “The seminar is great! Simple and   
    easy. I feel lighter, more integrated in
    mind and body. A switch has been
    turned on which I feel will enliven my  
    own well being and my loved ones.”        -
    Cindy Burks

  • "Ability to see bodily systems. Very
    strong energy flow during activations."
    -Dan C.

  • "I did not expect it to be this simple and
    profound and long lasting. I felt warmer
    in my heart. Less worried. Confident
    and happy about this new ability."
    -Roger David

    This one day seminar ignites innate Self-healing
    powers within you that can transform your life.
    Uncomplicated with superstitions, the methods
    are natural and easy to learn. For maximum
    individual attention, only a small number of
    students will be accepted.

    This seminar is a prerequisite for the Heal Others

Heal Thyself Seminar
  • "During our Healing Others Seminar    
    my heart was activated to expand
    from my own individuality to go where
    no man has gone before beyond what
    is known in the Universe. I could not
    sustain the experience. When I
    became aware again it was time to
    experience remote healing. I was the
    one being healed. My healer held my
    heart tenderly, gently. I was in her
    heart and she was in mine. My
    awareness shifted to my Individuality.  
    The mirror reflection expressed that I
    love my Self. I love me! Yeah!." -C.B.
  • " I've become aware of healing as
    an infinite energy that is always
    present and surrounding us,waiting
    to be directed. I also see it as the
    same as  the Force of Evolution.
    When I focus that energy I feel it as
    Love, an impersonal force that I
    focus and experience in my heart
    and as love. It enlivens the area to
    which it is directed. Definitely neat!"
Heal Others Seminar
This one day seminar teaches you how to
facilitate helping others without taking on
their stress and be mutually transformed.
An added bonus is in healing others, you
heal yourself. You also learn remote or
distance healing.
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