• "It was everything I needed! I went from feeling 100% great to
    1000% great!" -Jonathan Rivera

  • " I felt like Suzanne has truly seen the real me, which feeds my
    confidence in my hopes and dreams. I also felt the breaking    
    open of resistance to intimacy: loving and being loved."                   
    -Sallie Morgan

  • "I was in a state of shock when I came, having just learned a few
    days ago that I had an advanced stage of cancer. During the
    session, I felt like I had been in a deep meditation. Blocked    
    energy flowed. It was like I suddenly woke up. I felt balanced      
    and grounded and such a warm, wonderful sense of home. I     
    was so grounded for the next day at the hospital which was
    extremely challenging. The doubts and fears have been small    
    and the possibilities keep looking brighter. Thank you so much.      
    I would like others that I care about to do this" -A.B.

  • “Suzanne confirmed exactly what I needed to hear.” -Sonia
Reveal Wisdom
Private SessionTestimonials
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  • "Suzanne was right on the button about me."
    -Judith Hans-Price

  • “Seeing Suzanne was like experiencing wisdom and healing in   
    motion. I felt brighter and lighter.”  -G.C.

  • “I am facing a scary change in my life and feel grateful Suzanne  
    saw what was going on. After a few minutes with her, I felt
    increased energy while also feeling more relaxed and clear   
    about  my future.” -W.T.

  • "Thank you for everything. The best part of was that you verified
    my own convictions about me, her, and the other two problems.
    This gave me more confidence still. I was also energized
    afterward." -E. B.

  • "What Suzanne said was extremely helpful. Everything she said
    about me was the perfect thing. Everything rang true - just the
    right thing at the right time." -C.S.

  • "The only thing I’ve done different for my Leukemia is regular
    treatments from Suzanne. Over the months, my test results
    gradually improved. Yesterday, my doctor said tests show I no  
    longer have Leukemia!”  -Lynda

  • “I feel more balance, light and love inside.” -D.R.

  • "Thank you so much for everything Suzanne, you truly made     
    the difference." -Caterina Titus

  • "Very powerful!" -Allen Webster

  • "My heart feels lighter." -Betty McKinney

  • "I feel more at peace. Your suggestions totally resonated with       
    truth." -Claude Fergeson

  • "I loved the session you gave me and appreciate your inquiry        
    which led me to deeper insights with my own healing."                    
    -Laura S.

  • " I felt near zero at the beginning and then afterwards felt    
    100%."  -P.L.

  • "I gained clarity and direction on an area I had been painfully       
    stuck. I felt true freedom." -V.A.

  • "The healing session was so soft and powerful, like
    submerging into an ocean of warmth and intense silence. I
    felt all the  separate parts of myself cementing together in a
    greater integrated wholeness, and a deep sense of peace
    and happiness. The love in the room and beyond was
    palpable, rich and soothing, and I gobbled it up like coconut
    pudding." -Margaret

  • "The private session has made a world of difference. I have
    been caffeine free for months! Thanks for breaking that
    pattern very much!  Also I am doing the stretching exercise
    recommended. During the first session, I felt three vertebrae
    clicking into place!" –June Oliver  

  • "The operation was a complete success ... most difficult
    surgeries ... very lucky ... gave her the extra strength,
    courage and healing power she needed ..."  more  

  • "Thanks, I really enjoyed it! Suzanne's insights were very
    accurate. I felt wonderful waves of peace and contentment
    wash over me. I also felt some of the heavy karma
    enveloping me being released, leaving me with a much
    lighter feeling in my body and spirit. I know now what a
    wonderful gift Suzanne has, having experienced it first
    hand!" -Deboragh Varnel

  • "... Each person has an inherent gift to heal themselves
    and the world - Suzanne's gift is to help us see this in
    ourselves and guide us to self healing." more  
    -Catharine Titus

  • "BINGO! How did you know precisely what I needed?"  
    -Kelly Wynn

  • "I've had burning and discomfort in my side for a few months     
    and this has caused me concern. Since several weeks ago     
    when Suzanne put her attention on it for a few minutes, it has
    diminished by 90%!"  -Sheila A.

  • "Many thanks, Suzanne, for the private session with you. I slept
    through the whole night without waking once and awoke feeling
    genuinely happy, fresh, and protected, as in a bubble  of     
    silence, and not too surprised to feel some real bliss and stability
    percolating up through the whole morning. This awareness was
    tested by the intrusion of thoughts of recent social interactions  
    that challenged my state of mind, and I was rewarded by
    discovering a greater ability to turn these around in a more   
    cosmic perspective. Also, I heard sounds which I relate to
    experiences in temples or similar holy places or events." -D.W.

  • "We really appreciate everything you are doing to create light   
    and health in the world." -Rick Snyder

  • "Suzanne's insights were very accurate." -Karen Hall

  • "During and after my personal session I experienced expansion     
    in layers, settling down in different parts of the brain, less
    scattered. I felt peacefulness, power in silence, fullness,
    wholeness. I felt the presence and support of more 'company'
    (laws of nature/celestial beings) nearby." -Mark Farrington

  • "I felt Suzanne's calming energy.  She is very good at
    holding space for healing to occur ... She is the ONLY one to
    confirm my feeling of what has been happening to me for a   
    couple of years." -Walt Ingvoldstad

  • "The next day there was a difference in my daily TM program.         
    It was smoother, deeper and I didn't seem to get those     
    occasional bouts of restlessness that I felt before. Two or three
    days after, I suddenly had this sensation in my heart as if a
    constricted feeling that I didn't even know was there, had lifted.      
    I am less worried and more able to do what I want to do without
    worrying about what people think." -Annick Arjol

  • "I came to Suzanne  at a time when I was feeling really low.     
    When the session was done I felt on top of the world, like a big
    weight was lifted ... I gained clarity in an area where I had been
    stuck. Since then everyone says how big a smile I have on my  
    face and how delightful I feel. Suzanne made me feel very
    comfortable and at ease." -Betty Wagner

  • "Oh sweet Suzanne, so soulful and insightful. I am taking your    
    words of wisdom to heart and have felt a weight lifted in me."  
    -Judith Hans-Price

  • "I gained some good knowledge. I felt love and loved."                     
    -Marla Cook

  • "The consultation was helpful ... It gave me greater confidence   ...
    Thank you for sharing your gift." -K.S.

  • "Deeper peace, silence and loving presence." -T.K.M.

  • "Peace inside. Guidance. Hope and belief that I can accomplish      
    what I need for myself and others. More universal love.     
    Freedom. I felt a great sense that I was understood without   
    having to tell everything I am experiencing. I felt okay not to be
    perfect in my own eyes. Suzanne has so much love flowing from
    her. I want my own ability to love that way grow for everyone. I   
    feel less pain. I am no longer worried about my physical  
    condition." -Ganga

  • "Can't stop thinking about what Suzanne said and how good that
    made me feel. I think she's doing a great thing!" -Ned Hargrove

  • "The day after my session, I was able to step back and see my
    behavior pattern in a sticky situation, separate myself from it,    
    and see what needed to be done to remedy it. I felt whole and      
    took responsibility for myself and the air opened up. This was a
    victory for me in a way I can't really describe but I feel like I own
    more of myself, than I did before a session with Suzanne."               
    -Magaret Grimes

  • "I found the session to be very validating and empowering  I    
    have been feeling more confident about moving forward in a     
    new direction." -Kim LaVoie

  • "It was a joy to talk with Suzanne. I felt a profound stillness inside   
    as in the deepest parts of my program. Very beautiful. I am very
    grateful."  -K. McGregor

  • "Much love and gratitude for your Vedic presence in our life,    
    dear Suzanne. A great gift!" -Becky Jacobs

  • Suzanne was Sublime! It was like taking a higher vibration bath    
    of boundless bliss ... all that remained was the hum of  ... the
    absolute. I released some significant karmic puzzle blocks that     
    I'd been trying to solve for ages. Other than that, can I have   
    some more?" -Manoj

  • "I feel more peaceful and grounded. Thank you!"                             
    -Karen A. Bauer

  • "Suzanne's attention went deep into my soul soothed my heart  
    and mind. Her insights stunned me and yet give me hope that
    someone understands ... " -A. Durabel

  • "I felt much appreciation and affirmation from Suzanne. She
    offered clarity around my health and emotional blocks. Real
    proactive advise and very sweet!" -Ginny Banks

  • "I experienced true happiness for the first time in my life and it's
    still continuing several weeks later. I feel trust, safety and at    
    home and whatever happens is okay."

  • "I feel loved." -Elizabeth McIsaac

  • "Suzanne is love incarnate! I have been feeling very positive,    
    much less feeling of loneliness than before. I think it is all    
    because of her." -Eirik Vatvedt

  • “Thank you so much for helping my mother! Anyone who
    receives Suzanne's attention benefits greatly. If she puts her
    attention on a rock, she could make it hop!” -Pat Hardigree

  • "The doctors were very surprised at how quickly mother's    
    kidneys recovered for a 95-year-old. Her nausea is gone,       
    she's eating normally and she's walking well with her walker.      
    She even beat me at Scrabble!I feel very grateful and lucky to
    know you, Suzanne." -June Oliver

  • "Suzanne’s intuitiveness and healing abilities are unmatched.
    During the session, I felt each cell of my body being reenergized.
    The session was wonderfully blissful and productive … I feel
    stronger, healthier and more positive. As the days go by, my
    sense of well being continues to increase. Prior to the
    consultation, I was depressed with a sense of hopelessness
    due to medical conditions."-L. H.

  • "I had been plagued for years with a chronic health problem     
    and   more recently another health issue. Within five minutes   
    after talking with Suzanne, I got a call there was an opening to   
    see the doctor I've been trying to see. He and two other doctors
    recommended the surgery you had suggested, so I  had it      
    done. Both health problems have cleared up. I haven't felt this
    good in a long time!." -C.C.