Transform negative
into positive


to help all areas
of life


Free Global Group Healing

Sunday  October 15
1 pm   U.S. Central Time

Imagine joining hundred of thousands of
healers and highly evolved individuals
from around the world
in a global group healing session

"What a huge help! Perfect timing. Helped
smooth everything out and gave me courage to
move ahead."
-Lynn P. Owens

"Beyond phenomenal, uplifting my heart to
great, great levels of joy and radiant love that
carried throughout my day ... reminded of ... my
divine purpose ... I very easily sunk back into
that deep ocean of love, allowing me to fully
re-cognize the true nature of human existence:
Divine radiant beings created in and for and of
love it self ... I felt stronger and lighter ...
transmuting several obstacles ... Thank you,
Suzanne, for ... leading me back to my truest
Self in love ... "  
more  -Garrett Barnes

"I found the session to be very validating and
empowering.I have been feeling more
confident about moving forward in a new
-Kim LaVoie

"As Suzanne started speaking, I felt love fill me
and the entire room and everywhere else. Her
loving embrace and soft words filled me with
more love, dissipating my pessimism and
cynicism that I have been feeling lately which is
unusual because I'm optimistic about almost
everything. She gave exactly what I needed. I'm
feeling transformed. Thank you!"
-Rich Sims

" Suzanne is love incarnateI have been feeling
very positive, much less feeling of loneliness
than before. I think it is all because of her."        
Eirik Vatvedt

"Zap! Whatever Suzanne did, something big is
going on, lots of happiness, even work was
phenomenally  fun. Something verrrrrrrrrrrrry
good is happening."
more  -Donald Sosin

"Thank you so much for helping my mother!
Anyone who receives Suzanne's attention
benefits greatly. If she puts her attention on a
rock, she could make it hop!"
-Pat Hardigree
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Heal  Others
Reveal Wisdom

Private Sessions

and Insights

Unfold innate wisdom
of body, mind and heart
"Suzanne's attention went deep into my soul  
stunned me and yet give me hope that
someone understands ...
" -A. Durabel

"I've had burning and discomfort in my side
for a few months and this has caused me
concern. Since several weeks ago when
Suzanne put her attention on it for a few
minutes, it has diminished by 90%!"
-Sheila A.

"Deeper peace, silence and loving presence."

"I felt regenerative love in areas of my body
that really needed it. I felt empowered and
more whole as if I embraced myself for the
first time.Suzanne has given me a rope to
climb out of the mire I have been stuck in
since childhood ..."  
more -Judith Hans-Price

"I felt much appreciation and affirmation from
Suzanne. She offered clarity around my
health and emotional blocks. Real proactive
advise and very sweet! -
Ginny Banks

"I experienced true happiness for the first
time in my life and it's still continuing several
weeks later. I feel trust, safety and at home
and whatever happens is okay."

"I feel loved." -Elizabeth McIsaac

It was like taking a higher vibration bath of
boundless bliss - all that remained was the
hum of  the absolute. I released some
significant karmic puzzle blocks that I'd been
trying to solve for ages. " -
"The only thing I’ve done different for my
Leukemia is regular sessions  from
Suzanne. Over the months, my test results
gradually improved. Yesterday, my doctor
said tests show I no  longer have
Leukemia!” -

"My elbow was in a sling before I came to
the session.I had been nursing it for days.
My elbow stopped hurting all afternoon and
still is pain free!!!" -
Judith Hans-Price

"I felt more calm and collected, more quiet
and inner light, sattva, connected with myself
and grounded in my truth and strength. It
feels blissful to be around Suzanne, like
rounding or attending a yagya (sacred
ceremony for evolution)."                 
Ranjini Sarah Lassnig

"The operation was a complete success ...
most difficult surgeries ... very lucky ... gave
her the extra strength, courage and healing
power she needed ..."

"Suzanne's insights were very accurate. I felt
wonderful waves of peace and contentment
wash over me. I also felt some of the heavy
karma enveloping me being released,
leaving me with a much lighter feeling in my
body and spirit.  I know now what a
wonderful gift Suzanne has, having
experienced it first hand!"  -
Deboragh Varnel

"The doctors were very surprised how
quickly mother's kidneys recovered for a 95-
year-old. Her nausea is gone, she's eating
normally and walking well with her walker.
She even beat me at Scrabble!" -
June Oliver


"I came to Suzanne  at a time when I was
feeling really low. When the session was
done I felt on top of the world, like a big
weight was lifted. I gained clarity in an
area where I had been stuck. Since then
everyone says how big a smile I have on my
face and how delightful I feel. Suzanne made
me feel very comfortable and at ease."           
-Betty Wagner

"Suzanne's insights were very accurate."         
-Karen Hall

" I felt like Suzanne has truly seen the real
me, which feeds my confidence in my hopes
and dreams. I also felt the breaking open of
resistance to intimacy: loving and being
-Sallie Morgan

"It was everything I needed! I went from
feeling 100% great to 1000% great!"               
-Jonathan Rivera

"Can't stop thinking about what Suzanne said
and how good that made me feel. I think
she's doing a great thing!"
-Ned Hargrove
"Each person has an inherent gift to heal
themselves and the world - Suzanne's gift is
to help us see this in ourselves and guide us
to self- healing."  
more  -Catharine Titus

"What Suzanne said was extremely helpful.  
Everything she said about me was the
perfect thing. Everything rang true - just the
right thing at the right time."

"When I called Suzanne I was in a panic
about my health (advanced bone cancer) and
life situation  but I could feel that melting
away as we talked. Her insights are so clear
and full of love - they had the effect of helping
me face my difficulties with compassion.
Thank you!"

"I felt Suzanne's calming energy. She is very
good at holding space for healing to occur.
She is the ONLY one to confirm my feeling of
what has been happening to me for a couple
of years."
-Walt Ingvoldstad

"BINGO! How did you know precisely what I
-Kelly Wynn



"I see latent talents, healing abilities and wisdom in people. I see a bright future where their gifts are unveiled for all to enjoy." Founder, Suzanne B. Stryker

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