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    Collectors comments:

  • "Christoph and I love the oil painting.
    There could not be a more perfect
    choice for that location. It really
    enhances the whole room. We love  
    you and your art and how it stirs the
    bliss and healing of Nature in our
    home.  We are truly blessed to have
    your 'children' enlivening and
    enlightening our home!  Also, I think
    the frame was the best choice."            
    - Laura Streicher

  • "I nearly swooned with the beauty of
    your paintings, utterly celestial."           
    - Carol Olicker

  • "I love Bamboo Splits and I always
    have. It looks wonderful where we  
    hung it."

  • "I have several of Suzanne Stryker's
    paintings. They are very soothing       
    and peaceful." - L.S.

  • "Her delicate attention to detail is
    breath taking - more than you can
    imagine just by looking at pictures     
    on a website."

  • "I absolutely LOVE them! I already
    hung one and I received nothing but
    compliments on it!

  • "I really appreciate everything you    

  • "I enjoy very much to look at your
    lovely and refined deep paintings!"

  • "I've always loved your paintings."

  • "We put the watercolor painting
    upstairs...It is the first thing one      
    sees when entering the upstairs! It
    charms the area!"

  • " The clouds above the canyon look
    like the hands of God orchestrating
    creation.  The rivers are like rivers of
    life flowing down from His heavenly
    throne. Beautiful!"  


    "Suzanne Stryker is a phenomenal
    artist ...If Oprah isn't the one to make
    her famous, someone will ... Her
    paintings are a good investment."
Suzanne B. Stryker
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