• Due to academic achievements at Tulane      
    University was allowed to design unique major
    program, Interdepartmental Studies in Art and
    Physics, specializing in studio art and laser
  • BSCI and MSCI with honors, PhD SCI MERU
    Switzerland with postgraduate work in France,       
    Italy, Switzerland, India, and Thailand   
  • Studied art with Emmy award winner Ning Yeh

  • A portion of proceeds from art sales goes to     

  • Since age 13, Suzanne has done volunteer work      
    for various charities and nonprofit educational
    organizations including:
      - American Red Cross
      - American Heart Association
      - American Cancer Association
      - Muscular Dystrophy Association
      - One Billion Rising

  • Local, national and international positions for     
    charity and nonprofit educational organizations:
      - Sambiki Charity Chairman
      - Key Club Charity Sweetheart
            - Founder/President SIMS Tulane University
       - Newport, RI CAE Center Chairman        
       - Providence,RI CAE Center Co-chairman
       - Beverly Farms,MA CAE Center Co-chairman
       - National Dir. Ministry of Health WGAE
       - International Dir. Ministry of Natural Law WGAE


  • Nineteen art awards; highest art honor from Tulane
  • Art included in the collectible hardcover Richeson
    International Landscape, showcasing best            
    landscape paintings from around the world.  
  • At age ten, selected by Kentucky school to paint
    three 20-foot murals depicting major historical   
  • Completed 55-foot commissioned mural.
  • Commercial art sold in major department stores
  • Color graphics in USA Today
  • Exhibits in national and international shows  
  • Won 125 medals and ribbons in regional and
    international swimming competitions including    
    Junior Olympics
  • National Novel Writing Month - the largest writing  
    contest in the world. To win, aspiring novelists    
    write  a 50,000-word novel in a month - about 175
    pages. 167,150 participants from 90 countries    
    wrote a total  of 2,427,190,537 words. Suzanne    
    was a winner!

    "Another person who believes in the power of
    volunteerism is artist Suzanne Stryker..."
    -Senator Becky Schmitz  more



    "Suzanne Stryker is a phenomenal artist ... If Oprah   
    isn't the one to make her famous, someone will ...   
    Her paintings are a good investment."

    Oprah meditating with Suzanne and 480 other ladies

    Oprah said, "It was a powerfully energizing yet
    calming experience. I didn't want it to end ... deep  
    joy, stillness."   more

    Suzanne said, "We had a very deep and peaceful
    meditation together. When Oprah left, she looked
    deep into my eyes, joined her palms together and
    slightly bowed her head in thanks."
Suzanne Stryker founds and inaugurates Project Help
Wins writing award
Founder of Grow and Share

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